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Forgive me for being blunt, when it comes to resolving Issues with the IRS, you can get in a bloody shark tank … Or …


You can work with one of the most trusted tax professionals in Lakewood Ranch and the state of FL… You decide.


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We have the expertise and knowledge you are looking for in a tax professional and can help you navigate your options.

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Let our team of experienced tax relief experts help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Let us help your business save time and money. We work with: partnerships, corporations, LLCs, and sole proprietors.


Worry-Free Financial Management for You and your family.


Many issues and problems come up in the course of a normal business or family. We can help!

And even if you DON’T live in the local area (if you’ll pardon my bias), here’s why you should immediately Email or Call Me…

When it comes to Tax Resolution and negotiating with government institutions, you can’t afford to mess around – but nor can you afford to get in bed with “sales rooms” masquerading as a professional tax office. There’s simply too much at stake. And there are too many landmines along the path.

My name is James P. Casement. I am a licensed attorney, CPA/PFS, CFP, CFS, and able to represent you in front of the IRS. I have been doing so on behalf of clients (both local and national) now for years.

But what you DON’T need is to be bombarded by ruthless sales pitches and overbearing junk mail simply because your situation was picked up by some database somewhere, and you were targeted as a “hot lead”. Yes, this is how these operations can afford to advertise on national television and radio. They have a sales system, and they work it. Very hard.

Here’s the dirty secret of the national tax relief industry: Almost all of your contact will be with a commissioned sales person. A closer. And their mission is to close YOU.


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